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Saturday, March 10, 2012

nine best. week one.

i'm taking an introductory photography class at RISD because i desired to take better pictures of mykenzie and my future babies and all of their cousins. it's important to document with pictures since i'm failing in the baby book department.
this week, i basically took a zillion blurry pictures. 
 the assignment was to use the manual setting only and play around with exposure controls.
  exposure controls???
yeah, my iphone doesn't have those so i'm starting at the very beginning of my photography knowledge. 
thankfully, i only had to pick nine of them to turn in as my "best". 
here they are!










number four is underexposed, but i just loved her little face so i included it.
plus, i NEEDED nine for my class and even with 300 pictures, there weren't many to choose from.
number nine is my favorite.
she looks like a little strawberry cupcake.

my next assignment is to go back to my subject and take more pictures using a different approach.
i'm so thankful i picked such a cute subject.

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