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Thursday, March 8, 2012

i've gone indy.

little girl has low standards...
and so it works out perfectly...
she doesn't care about songs that rhyme...
songs in key...
or even songs that make any sense at all.

she stares at me with those big eyes of hers
and thinks i'm the greatest thing in the world.
she hasn't told me that, but i can tell.

my songs usually go a little like this...

"go to sleep, take a nap
you'll feel better in an hour
sleep your poodiness away
and i'll give you a bottle when you wake up"

or (sung to the tune of "the wheels on the bus")
"the baby on the bus goes drool, drool, drool
drool, drool, drool
drool, drool, drool
the baby on the bus goes drool, drool, drool
all over mommy's shoulder"

see?? basically, it's the same thing as talking, but with a horrible melody as i desperately search for my next word...
the Wiggles have contacted me because they're impressed.

but really, i've never received such glowing reviews
as i have from baby girl.
she's the best thing ever.
and apparently, she feels the same about me.

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