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Monday, May 12, 2008

Patience Is a Virtue...and I Don't Have It!

Today, I spent more time on the phone with Sprint customer service which is more then likely located in India...(nothing against the residence of India, but I've called four times and haven't understood the representative yet!) I was put on hold about three times and every time he came back on the phone he would timidly say "Thank you for patiently waiting" the fourth time I was pretty close to saying "Listen, stop saying that! I'm not patiently waiting!! I'm annoyed that I'm on hold and frustrated that I've had to call as many times as I have!" Didn't say that though...just said "Yup, Uh huh"...

I'm just not a patient person and that's that...I mean, maybe sometimes I am...

When the computer says to double click, I usually click four or five times....the computer gets all confused and has several times opened more than sixty windows of the same thing! This thinking of "the more times I click the faster it will come up on the screen" usually just creates more work for myself

In patient! I'm working on it and if you are working on it too then we would all be patient with one another and that would just make it easier...

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  1. God gave me tonnnns of patience with children and very little patience with adults. That gets me into trouble. I have to work on it too!