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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Welcome to the world, Ava Grace Tucker!!
Born December 1, 2008
7lbs. 4 oz. 20 in.
We waited to see your perfect face for so long now and you are finally here!

Here are some words used to describe Ava...PERFECT, PRECIOUS, LITTLE, WONDERFUL IN EVERY WAY, AWESOME, MIRACLE, SO COOL, LOVEABLE, KISSABLE...all of them fit so perfectly. She is each and everyone of these to the fullest extent!

Shaun and Ashley: I am so proud of you! It is not easy to wait for God's perfect timing, but you did it! Remember the journey and God's guiding hand through it all! I am so excited about your new little family of three!


  1. She is absolutely perfect ... just like you said. Your words about waiting for God's perfect timing were an encouragement to me. =)

  2. i almost cried when i read what you wrote. then read it to joel. haha :)

    are you going to the christmas party? what are you wearing??

  3. i cried. Jaclyn you are really an inspiring person.