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Monday, December 8, 2008

Day Three and Four...etc

Yikes! Yesterday was NOT a good day "food-wise"...I rationalized that banana bread was healthier than pumpkin bread...ate Chinese food for lunch...and had the ever so convenient fast food for dinner...So, yesterday was a complete disaster...nutritionally anyways. I haven't had chocolate yet though!!!

Today's Challenge for myself is to just not eat junk today!

Church was a blessing last night. I love when Mike preaches!! An excellent reminder of God as a Wonderful Counselor...I intend on increasing my wonder....which will in turn decrease doubt.

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  1. Here Here! On the last statement! As for the self control, it's so so I start a baking project with the kids and who eats 1/2 of it when it sits around a few days later? so much for self control! So dan't bake! Good luck on getting where you want to be shape wise! Remember though that dark choc is actually good for you!