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Monday, February 13, 2012

one word.

this past weekend, we attended a movie night with our sunday school class and watched "Courageous". 
the movie is geared toward men, husbands, fathers...
but i couldn't help but get a lot of it, too.
 i've wondered for a long time what kind of mother i'd be...
i already know what kind of mom i WANT to be
and by God's grace, i WILL be.

if i needed to put it in one word, it would be...


first, i need to be INTENTIONAL about my relationship with God since it seems all my other relationships hinge on the importance i place on this relationship. when i'm close to communion with Him, my fellowship with my friends, my family and  my husband will be viewed in proper light. i cannot have a functioning relationship with my husband without looking at it from a Biblical perspective...well, at least not the kind of relationship i'm interested in. 

in addition to the relational benefits, having a right relationship with God will teach my children that what i believe is real.
i want them to learn from my actions, to see me grow in my faith, to live out the things i say i believe...i want them to see me reading my bible...i want them to see us working in the church...i want them to know that it's worth any sacrifice.

second, i need to be INTENTIONAL about my relationship with my husband. i think the healthiest thing i can do for my children is to have an awesome relationship with him. i want them to see us affectionate towards each see us sacrifice for the needs of the intentionally hold our tongues even when it would be easier to carve out time to be alone with each other...there are numerous life lessons our children can learn just from watching the way we are with each other...and unfortunately, in this generation, not all of those lessons are positive ones.

third, i need to be INTENTIONAL about my relationship with my children. i need to deliberately prioritize my time so they know they're important. i was called to be their was a gift that God deemed me worthy of...they are my legacy...they are the small portion of the future that i get to invest in...they may be my greatest accomplishment...and so i need to do this "motherhood" thing the best i can...i need to be encouraging. i need to be a teacher. i need to stop grabbing fleshy rolls in the mirror and saying i'm fat...i need my kids to know they're beautiful no matter what and that starts with how i think about myself.

we are parents with purpose.

we are parents that want to have happy,
well-adjusted children.

we are parents that want to make a difference in the world
...and that starts in our home.

we are parents that need to prepare our children
to live in this world... be a shining light... be strong individuals... crave growth and knowledge...

BUT, this can't happen without an INTENTIONAL plan to do so...
and it can't happen if it doesn't start in me...
...i can't give anything to my children
that i don't already possess.

if you had to put what kind of mother you are/want to be into one word, what would it be?

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  1. Good words Jaclyn! "INTENTIONAL" is a great word to use when describing anything we do and having God's Truth in mind and focus. I have often wondered what kind of Dad I would have been and how Jan and I would have worked out as parents. Obviously it wasn't meant to be and it's all good as they say. But being involved with younger people like you (and many others) has brought me great blessings. I've told you several times that if someone like you called, me "Dad" I would be very proud to say, "that's my daughter!" Keep on blogging because I'm sure many are blessed by reading the words HE inspires you to write.