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Saturday, December 24, 2011

reporting LIVE! from underneath the christmas tree on christmas eve!

LOVE wrapping presents! LOVE IT! the only bad thing about wrapping presents is knowing that eventually, someone is going to rip through it without close examination of the effort it took to make it look that way....i only know a few other people that need their hot glue gun while wrapping presents ;)

anyways...this year, i took pictures!

handmade petal flowers with feathers

little felt rolled flowers

the little presents are my favorite

simple brown packing paper with classic grosgrain ribbon
 in an assortment of christmas colors

shinier fun paper for my niece and nephew with cute felt gift bows and yarn pom poms

i'm not sure what i enjoy the actual gift or presenting the wrapping job
 (yes, i's the wrapping part)

p.s. i got the gift tags for free from here...courtesy of jones design company!
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