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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today I Saw a Rainbow!

Today, I saw a full half rainbow! It went from one side of the highway to the other...Here are my thoughts in they order they entered my mind...

First, I instantly thought of the story of Noah's Ark and how God used the rainbow as a symbol of the covenant between Himself and Noah...Then, that started me thinking about God's promises to His children...then, that got me thinking of my Zachary because his name means "The Lord remembers His promises" and I learned A LOT about God's promises from Zachary...then, I started thinking about my Rainbow Bright doll and wondered what ever happened to it...

Tonight, I bought Zachary's Christmas ornament...It's really plain and simple...just silver writing "HOPE"...I love it and will have to break our tradition of NOT having a Christmas tree in order to use it!

You may now be wondering why we have a tradition of NOT having a Christmas tree...Well...we didn't really start it on purpose...we had a tree the first year we were married, but moved a couple days before Christmas. Our Christmas tree was in our empty apartment and we were already living in our new apartment by Christmas...The second year, we decided not to have one because our apartment was ridiculously crowded! The third year, we didn't want to deal with our dog eating the ornaments and destroying the tree. Fourth year, I think we just thought "Hey, that just seems like a lot of work" and last year...we just didn't want one! For those of you who really didn't care about any of the above...thanks for continuing on...

I have finally quit my flip-flops...the weather no longer permits...I have drastically changed from flip-flops to boots and I must say...I love far it is my favorite part of the weather! Here is my fashion side note: Why are all the sweaters short-sleeved? I know it is cute, but do these designers know what winter is like in New England?! I need as many layers as I can get...and when I'm freezing, I care less about what is cute and more about what is going to keep me toasty!
This past Sunday was Zachary's birthday! I thought it would be hard, but it really wasn't harder than any other memories of Zachary are wonderful...even my memories at the hospital, as terrifying as they were, are happy memories because they remind me of the events that brought Zachary into our lives. We celebrate his life...his 18 days were filled with so much love and I will NEVER forget him!! I wish all of you could have met him, but you will someday...

Ok, well...stay warm...stay safe...heard there might be snow!

P.S. That was my first picture ever posted on my blog...I could never figure it out! That picture is titled "Zachary's Scrunched Up Nose"...isn't it cute?


  1. Awww! That nose is precious! Hey, I had to do a devotion this morning at school and I wanted to do something unique, so I used one of your blog posts! It was the one about being thankful in all things where you talked about the monitors and the diagnoses and not being thankful for them until they were gone. The people were all very touched and one woman was there that doesn't usually come and she said that God provided a way for her to hear that message purposely because her teenage son was trying her patience (profoundly) and that was just the message she needed to hear. Zachary continues to touch lives (as you know!) AND You should write devotionals!!!

  2. perfect first picture. love you :) see you tomorrow.

  3. His nose is too cute! I also can't wait to meet him... especially if he is half as amazing as you! Your faith and hope inspires me.