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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

take a chance on this one

So, in my family, we have to be extremely careful discussing movies that we've seen..."one" (eh hem...DAD) usually goes too far and gives the twists and turns...I am usually careful to recommend movies to people outside of family, but take a chance on this's really good. well, I think so anyways.

Taking Chance is an HBO movie that is currently onDemand...I watched it because it was recommended to me and I found it to be very touching. I will give nothing away that isn't shown already in the previews.

Basically, this movie is about a high rank officer that volunteers to escort the body of a 19 year old local boy back home. Along the way, many people are touched by this boy's sacrifice and show such deserving respect and honor. This movie was patriotic not in the way that it was pro-America, but in the way that it was pro-appreciation. Whether you agree with the war or not we cannot deny that many have sacrificed their lives for it...for us! I'm thankful for those that serve our great country!

So, the thing that amazed me the most was the degree that people were touched by a boy they never knew. He made a difference in their lives.

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