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Friday, January 9, 2009


About a month ago, I challenged you to a health and fitness challenge...Ultimately, I was challenging myself, but kidnapping you in the process. Anyways, it has been a while and I figured that maybe I should update you on my progress.

My progress has been...ugh...nothing at all. In fact, I ate cake and pies and all the butter-enriched holiday foods I could get my hands on. What was I thinking setting an impossible goal for myself?

I just love food! Why does it have to be so good?!

Food is a necessary have to eat to live...BUT you don't have to eat enjoy living...I think that is where the thin line is. My experience at LA Weightloss Center revealed several truths about woman in are a few:

1. We reward ourselves with food.
2. We punish ourselves with food.
3. We comfort ourselves with food.

One time I received a phone call from a woman. The client on the other end felt desperate. She was at a work Christmas party and a plate of fudge was left on the corner of her desk. She called looking for someone to talk her into not eating a piece. She was practically crying! Now, I, as a counsellor, tried to level with her.

I told her, "move the plate"...
she said, "I can't. I will eat one."
I said, "have someone else take it away"...
she said, "but I want one"
I said, "Then have one!"...
she said "I won't be able to stop once I start"...

Now, I, as a woman, said in my head, "Woman, grow up!! It's just food! It's just fudge! Don't be so pathetic!" I really felt like I was talking her off the ledge if you know what I mean...

Anyways, my reason for the story is this....

EATING healthy in order to BE healthy is a must!! God gave us these bodies and we have to take care of them! Eating healthy and exercising consistently require DISCIPLINE!

Maybe I'm not like the woman on the phone...maybe not quite as desperate...but I do find myself somewhere in that category of complaining about my body, knowing there is a need to be healthy, and not doing what it takes to get me there.

This year, I desire to be more DISCIPLINED...not to look like a super be healthy for myself and my family.

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  1. I like bad food. I'm not a glutton, but I like butter and chocolate and bread and all that good stuff (hungry yet?).

    I'm okay with eating it because I have a lot of activities (tennis and dance 2x week) which I've already talked about.

    The thing about exercise to me is that I have to like it to do it. I love tennis and irish dancing and I look forward to it. The only other way I'd exercise is if I played video games while on the treadmill at the gym. Then I trick myself into liking it. (I don't belong to a gym but that is what I'd do if I did.)

    If I ate better, I'd be skinnier, but it would be really torturous.

    To sum it up: Finding some fun exercise is a great way to justify indulgent eating! :D

    End of sermon.