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Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I have recently decided to make a commitment to the organization of my home. Since we've moved here two and half years ago, our house has always been undergoing renovations. The state our home is in right now is unsightly...I hardly ever let anyone in it...unfortunately, I can't blame the "unsightliness" of it on the renovations...Yes, we have a completely hideous kitchen with pink...let me say that again...PINK cabinets and PINK countertop...we also have some nasty stick on tile for our floor...We got spontaneous one day and ripped down most of our wood work down off the frames of the doors...never to be replaced. The beginning of this year, we become compulsively eager to start a new project (like there weren't already that needed finishing) and we knocked down a wall! That room is still a complete disaster! So, now that you get the picture...let me get back to what I was saying...unfortunately, I can't blame the "unsightliness" of it on the renovations...I must blame it on myself!! I have not kept the house organized because I felt a little there was no purpose for trying. There is absolutely no reason that clothes can't make it to the closet and that things don't have a place to go...everything should have a home. When I still lived at home (mom and dad's), I was a neat freak...well, everyone once in a while my room would get a little crazy, but I always made sure to clean it and then I was a nazi about it. What happened to that person? It's not like a loosened up! It has secretly been bothering me since we've moved here...stressing me out! So, I spent a good portion of my night cleaning out my closet...and even though my back is sore...I'm really happy I invested this time...It makes me feel better about my house...and myself.

...Plus, I found a TON of clothes I totally forgot about!!!

What big projects have you been putting off?

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  1. this is a neverending cycle for me! I think I am opposite though,... a nazi now, not so much in college or at home! We also have unfinished renovations that drive me nuts! I will pray for you, but also you should check out She has some good recommendations. I think her site is horrible so I just get a daily digest of emails mailed to me... she has great organization tips!
    Happy Organizing...