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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hello? You still there?

So, I haven't written on here in so long...I wasn't sure if I even remembered my password to even write a new blog. I've been away for a while...not on vacation....just away from "blog world". I kept thinking, "Could I blog about that?!" I was constantly looking for different angles and then decided that it would come to me eventually...not everything I write has to be inspired.....sorta like this blog entry, I guess. See, I still have nothing to say...I'm just posting so you know that I'm still alive and that I'm getting back into the swing of writing....

While I'm here I might as well talk about all the stuff I did this summer...

Well, for starters, We went to the beach practically every weekend. We didn't go at all last summer because N had so many side jobs. He kinda put side jobs to the side....and enjoyed this summer. There are innumerable benefits of enjoying nature and fresh air....but the huge one for me is getting rid of my pasty white skin (although, it is already coming back).

We went to King Richard's Faire for the first time. That was really cool except I kept finding myself wanting to curtsy and dress up Renaissance...when I got home I looked through my closet to see if there was anything I could re-style so that I could wear it next year if we go...turns out GAP doesn't make anything that remotely looks like Renaissance! It was nice to be in a different century for a day...

We went to what feels like a million Red Sox games...actually, as I write N is at one now...(I gave up my ticket). JH gave us awesome seats several times...we were able to witness John Lester's No-Hitter and to top it off, we were seated in the Home Plate Pavillion...seats couldn't be more perfect. The last game we went to JH sent Wally the Green Monster up to visit...makes a cute picture!

We went to Kentucky to visit N's Mom and Dad and to meet their new puppy Honey. We shot a lot of guns and had a lot of time to relax...My favorite restaurant when we visit there is Carter Caves. They have a buffet for lunch on Sundays....Mmmmm....turkey and gravy is so good!

I spent more time at the range with N...I'm getting pretty competitive with the rifles although I can't shoot anything but the ground 20 ft in front of me with a pistol. Watch out! If you break into my house, I won't reach for the pistol... :)

Hmm...I can't remember anything else...just good times with family and friends...I don't want this summer to end at all! I like Fall, but right after Fall....WINTER!!! Ugh! The only thing I like about winter is cuddly sweaters, boots...and that's it! I hate the uncontrollable shaking when you get in and out of the car...I really don't like shoveling our four car driveway...and I don't like worrying about N getting stuck on the highway for 9 hours with no heat (that actually happend last winter...)

But back to the positive side...

I had an awesome summer and I hope you did too!


  1. I've been faithfully checking your blog and I'm glad to see you're writing again. Even though I see you at least weekly I always enjoyed your inspired posts. Looking forward to more! xo

  2. I forgot to reply to this, but I'm still here! Looking forward to the next post....